1. Can rings be done in any color ?
  Yes they can; however please remember there will be a slight variation in color tones of enamel depending upon gold color and ring style.
2. Can rings be purchased individually?
  Yes, by all means. Many customers start with just a single ring and add a ring at a time to create a complete stack. And then they keep on going so that they can continue to create new and interesting designs using the same rings in different combinations.
3. What gold does Tesoro' work with?
  We use 18kt Rose, White or Yellow Gold for all the fine products.
4. Can a ring be ordered in any size?
  Every ring can be ordered in 1/4 increment sizes starting with size 4.
5. Can the Diamond Initial Series be ordered with different letters?
  The Diamond Initial Series Ring is available in any Gold Color, any Enamel Color, any Size and any Combination of Diamond Letters.
6. How long does it take to manufacture a special custom color and custom size ring?
  Generally our delivery schedule is 4 to 5 weeks.
7. Who is the designer?
  The Unique Copyrighted Designs were created by Robert Sabin with the assistance of skillful Artisans.
8. Do I need special care with enamel?
  With enamel jewelry, like all fine jewelry, you should exercise some degree of care. But we want you to wear and enjoy your jewelry; so just in case you do require a repair we are here to take care of anything at a very modest fee.
Tesoro' is the premier manufacturer of fine enamel rings, enamel earrings, enamel pendants, enamel pins and enamel bangles.
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